Birth Injury / Birthing Complications

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North Carolina Birth Injury Attorney

Most children are born healthy and happy. However, childbirth, by its very nature, carries a degree of risk. If the baby is not getting enough oxygen or labor goes on too long, the OB-GYN or other health care professional must take measures to ensure a healthy delivery. When they fail to prevent birth complications, the baby can be permanently injured.

If this has happened to your baby, our North Carolina birth injury attorney can help you get proper compensation. Call the Melvin Law Firm in Greenville/Raleigh today to talk to a medical malpractice lawyer about your claim.

Two Common Types of Birth Injuries

Shoulder dystocia and cerebral palsy are two of the most common types of birth injuries / delivery room errors.

Shoulder Dystocia occurs when a baby's shoulder gets stuck behind the mother's pelvic bone during the delivery. When that happens, there are certain maneuvers that the doctor must perform to get the baby out. If those maneuvers are done properly, the child will not be injured. However, if the doctor pulls too hard on the baby's head, this can cause the brachial plexus nerves to be torn, causing a condition called Erb's palsy, in which the child loses most or all of the use of his or her arm.

Cerebral Palsy that occurs during birth is caused by a lack of oxygen to the brain, or cerebral hypoxia. While they are being born, fetuses are linked to heart-rate monitors. A great fluctuation in heartbeat indicates fetal distress. Usually, if a doctor notices fetal distress, he or she will perform a C-section. If he or she doesn't, cerebral palsy (CP) is sometimes the result. CP is a condition caused by damage to the motor control areas of the brain. People with CP have trouble with walking and talking, and may also be subject to seizures.

Our Raleigh law firm handles both of those types of claims, as well as a variety of other possible birth malpractice cases, including:

  • Damage to bones and the spinal cord
  • Paralysis
  • Internal bleeding, leading to brain damage
  • Forceps injury
  • Cesarean section (C-section) errors
  • Birth medication errors
  • Failure to treat infections in the infant or mother
  • Improperly induced labor

A lawsuit cannot restore your baby's health, but the compensation you receive can help you with his or her care. If you have any questions, or are thinking of bringing a lawsuit, please contact our Raleigh-based office by calling 252-321-0088 or by sending us an email.

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