Failure to Diagnose Cancer

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North Carolina Failure to Diagnose Cancer Lawyer

The key to fighting cancer successfully is to detect it early. However, cancer symptoms can look like a lot of other conditions, especially to the untrained eye. Proper testing is essential. Failure to diagnose cancer can result in its spreading to the rest of the body. Once the cancer spreads, a patient's chance for survival drops considerably.

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Cancer is Misdiagnosed

Often cancer is not diagnosed because the doctor does not order the tests that would detect it. Common tests include MRI, PSA test (for prostate), and mammograms. Sometimes, the doctor will run the test, but the radiologist will misread the film. Even if the right test is ordered and read properly, the doctor must still follow up with the correct treatment. At best, mistakes like these can lengthen the time it will take to fight the disease. At worst, to misdiagnose breast cancer, or any type of cancer, can be fatal.

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