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Struggling with cancer is difficult enough. Struggling with cancer that was clearly preventable through competent medical care is especially tragic. At the Melvin Law Firm, we have experience helping clients who are struggling with cervical cancer and its aftermath. If you or a loved one contracted cervical cancer that could have been prevented with proper care, contact the Melvin Law Firm to talk with a lawyer. Our North Carolina failure to diagnose cervical cancer attorneys can help bring closure to this awful event and get you fair and just compensation.

How did this happen?

A pap smear is a routine part of any woman’s annual exam. The OB-GYN takes a sample of tissue from the cervix and sends it to a lab. At the lab, they are supposed to examine the sample for abnormal or precancerous cells. If any are found, the lab notifies the OB-GYN, who notifies the woman, who comes in for a biopsy and further tests. If the precancerous changes in the cervix are found, the cure rate is 100 %.

Unfortunately, this chain of communication can sometimes break down, leading to a failure to diagnose. The abnormal pap smear could be misread by the lab, missing the precancerous cells. Or the doctor could simply fail to follow up on the abnormal pap smear. Eventually, the precancerous cells turn into cancer. If left unchecked they can spread to the rest of the body.

The results of this error and negligence are often tragic. If this describes you or a loved one, we are ready to put our knowledge and talent to work for you. Call us today.

Contact the Melvin Law Firm to discuss with an attorney your doctor’s failure to diagnose cervical cancer.


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