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You were so careful. You did everything the doctor told you to do. Unfortunately, he misread a chart, or failed to conduct a follow-up test. Now, you and your baby are both suffering because of it. We want the best for our children. When you follow the advice of an incompetent healthcare provider, a child’s life can be sabotaged before it even begins.

At the Melvin Law Firm, our North Carolina doctor malpractice Lawsuit Lawyers understand that you and your baby have suffered, and that you need help. We can help provide that for you. If someone suffers from medical malpractice, the law provides a solution. If you believe that you or your baby was the victim of the negligence of a doctor or nurse, call the Melvin Law Firm to talk with a lawyer. We can help you get the compensation you need.


We have handled lawsuits involving:

  • Gestational diabetes. If gestational diabetes is not spotted in a timely manner, it can lead to problems during pregnancy and birth.
  • Long labor. Often, doctors do not perform C-sections when they should. Either they wait too long, or fail to perform them at all.
  • Cerebral palsy.
  • Shoulder dystocia. This is a complication that results from the baby’s shoulder getting stuck behind the pelvic bone. When the doctor pulls the baby out, the bundle of nerves on the shoulder is damaged. Often, these babies will have very little to no use of their injured arm.
  • Placenta previa. Placenta bleeding during pregnancy, also causes problems if not spotted soon enough.
  • Pre-term labor. Misdiagnosis or lack of diagnosis can sometimes lead to labor happening too soon.
  • Misread ultrasound. Either the ultrasound is misread, or the results are accurate, but follow up gets lost in the shuffle.

These incidents are tragic—even more so, because they are often preventable. If you are considering bringing a doctor malpractice lawsuit, call the Melvin Law Firm to talk with an attorney. We have helped many people in your situation, and we can help you too.

Contact the Melvin Law Firm to discuss bringing a doctor malpractice lawsuit.

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