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Hulk Hogan grapples with failed spinal, back procedures

On Behalf of | Jan 22, 2013 | Brain Injuries |

For many years, Hulk Hogan’s name has been synonymous with brute strength and entertainment. Hogan, legally named Terry Bollea, thrilled wrestling fans in North Carolina and across the world until back problems essentially put an end to his lengthy career. He sought treatment from medical professionals who promised to use less-invasive techniques to treat his spinal injuries, but those promises came up short.

As a result of repeated, failed endoscopic procedures, the wrestler has filed a medical malpractice suit against the medical providers at the clinic he visited. Initially, Hogan was attracted to this clinic’s services because they assured him that they could treat his injuries without performing invasive procedures. Unfortunately, the treatment didn’t provide relief, but aggravated his injuries instead.

In this case, the medical provider failed to produce the results they promised. Additionally, Hogan claims that the clinic was more focused on making a profit than actually providing care. This is a troubling claim, especially since he trusted these doctors to help relieve his pain, but their claims turned out to be deceptive.

A failed medical procedure, especially one involving the spine or brain, can cause irreversible injuries. When doctors are dealing with something as sensitive as a person’s back, spine or brain, it’s vital that they are cautious and provide an accurate prognosis to all of their patients.

Not only can spinal cord and brain injuries cause years of pain and anxiety, but they can severely limit an individual’s future earning potential. For a person like Hulk Hogan, whose line of work is physical by nature, being incapacitated can prove to be career ending. Considering this case is a solid reminder of the extensive emotional and financial damage that may be inflicted by a medical error.

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