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Woman sues doctor and hospital over forced C-section

On Behalf of | May 27, 2014 | Firm News |

Greenville residents may be interested in a recent lawsuit that was filed by a New York woman against the doctor that delivered her third child. The lawsuit accuses both the doctor and the hospital involved in the 2011 delivery of her third child of medical malpractice.

In the lawsuit, the woman claims that she was pressured by her physician to have a cesarean section even though she made it clear that she did not want to undergo the procedure. She claims that the physician even said that choosing to not have a C-section would be equivalent to child abuse. The woman had already undergone a C-section on two previous occasions during the births of her other two children.

The lawsuit alleges that a few hours into her attempt to have her child naturally, the woman’s doctor overruled her wishes and took her into an operating room and performed a C-section. Documents filed as part of the lawsuit also indicate that the woman was injured when her bladder was sliced during the procedure. Nationwide, 33 percent of all children born are delivered via C-section, a figure some groups would like to see cut in half due to the health risks the procedure presents for the baby and the mother.

Individuals whose lives have been negatively impacted due to medical mistakes may find it helpful to consult with an attorney in order to file a suit for medical malpractice. An attorney may be able to help their clients to hold the responsible parties legally accountable and negotiate a fair settlement for ensuing damages.

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