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Cesarean section risks to be aware of

On Behalf of | Mar 18, 2016 | Firm News |

If you are pregnant, you realize that delivering your baby via Cesarean-section is a possibility. Your medical team will avoid this at all costs, but there are times when you have no option. It may be the best decision in regards to the health of you and your baby.

But here is the problem with a C-section: There are a variety of risks associated with the procedure.

Here are some of the risks to the delivering mother:

— Increased bleeding.

— Reactions to anesthesia.

— Blood clots.

— Surgical injury.

— Wound infection.

— Increased risk of complications during future pregnancies.

Take for example surgical injuries. While rare, it is possible that nearby organs could be injured during a C-section. The bladder, for instance, is in close proximity to the surgical site. If the medical team is not careful of each move they makes, it is possible that an organ could be injured during the procedure.

Along with the mother, the child will face a variety of additional risks during a C-section. This includes concerns such as breathing problems.

If your medical team tells you that a C-section is necessary, it is best to take their advice. Even so, this doesn’t mean that there is no risk associated with the process. You need to understand what you are getting into.

Unfortunately, there are times when a woman is injured during a C-section due to a doctor error. When this happens, the person is left to deal with an injury that should have never happened. Since this is a possibility, it’s important to choose an experienced medical team and hospital.

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