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Reasons why high blood pressure during pregnancy is dangerous

On Behalf of | Jun 8, 2016 | Firm News |

Your pregnancy is supposed to be an enjoyable experience. This doesn’t mean you will never face challenges, but you hope that everything goes relatively smoothly from beginning to end.

Many issues can arise during pregnancy, with one of the most common being high blood pressure. This is a big deal for a variety of reasons, including:

— Premature delivery. If you have high blood pressure, premature delivery may be necessary in order to avoid serious complications.

— Decreased blood flow to the placenta. In the event that your placenta does not receive enough blood, your baby may not receive all the nutrients and oxygen needed to fully develop.

— Placental abruption. High blood pressure during pregnancy increases the chance of placental abruption, which is when the placenta is separated from the uterus wall before delivery. This can lead to heavy damage, along with major risk to both the mother and baby.

As an expecting mother, you should understand the seriousness of high blood pressure. This holds true both before delivery as well as during delivery. If you begin to suffer from this common medical condition, it could put you and your unborn baby at risk.

Since high blood pressure during pregnancy is so dangerous, it’s essential that you have a well trained medical team overseeing your care from start to finish. This means regular checkups, as well as intense monitoring during delivery.

If you or your baby was injured due to high blood pressure, that the doctor or other medical staff did not detect or treat properly, you may have a medical malpractice claim. An attorney can provide you with more details.

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