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How can I care for my child with cerebral palsy?

On Behalf of | Nov 25, 2018 | Birth Injuries |

While cerebral palsy has numerous causes, one contributing factor are issues that occur during birth. In this case, parents may be ill-equipped in terms of what to expect, especially when it comes to caring for their child’s special needs. WebMD offers the following tips to ease the adjustment for parents faced with their child’s debilitating condition.

Make sure your child remains active

Kids with cerebral palsy often suffer from muscle spasms. One way to prevent this is to help your child remain as active as possible. While it’s important to follow your doctor’s orders, as well as keep the ability of your child in mind, there are things you can do at home to ease spasms. For instance, learn exercises during your child’s physical therapy sessions so you perform them alone. Also, emphasize play time to help your child stretch muscles.

Stay in step with your child’s care

Kids with cerebral therapy will also have to see quite a few doctors. It’s important that you keep in tune with the information you’re provided during visits, so you can remain informed about your child’s condition. If necessary, take notes during doctor’s appointments so you can refer back to them at a later date. Also, ask questions when you don’t understand something.

Serve healthy foods

Bone density can be a real issue with cerebral palsy. That’s why you should serve your child calcium-rich foods, such as milk and cheese, as much as possible. These foods will boost bone health, which in turn will prevent further complications from occurring. It’s also important to listen to any dietary recommendations your doctor makes to ensure your child’s nutritional needs are routinely met.