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What are some signs of a careless doctor?

On Behalf of | Feb 3, 2019 | Medical Malpractice |

Finding a good doctor in North Carolina is a must to ensure you receive quality health care. While many medical professionals strive to meet the needs of their patients, others offer lackluster care that can get in the way of your well-being. In this case, MD Magazine offers the following tips on recognizing a careless doctor and what you can do to improve health care.

Dismissive attitude

Bedside manner is a crucial patient concern, whether you’re undergoing surgery or just having a checkup. The way your doctor addresses concerns and questions can have a real impact on your health. For instance, if your doctor is continually dismissive of you, you’ll be less likely to bring up future concerns. Your physician should take the time to answer your questions in a kind and comprehensive manner.


Most doctors prefer a conservative approach to patients’ ailments. Overtreatment is a red flag since it indicates your doctor might not have confidence in his or her ability. It could also signal a fear of malpractice claims, which could stem from past incidents. If you’re unsure about a prescribed treatment, feel free to seek a second opinion on the matter.

Numerous errors

Look for a pattern of errors and mistakes, even if they seem relatively simple. While it’s human nature to make mistakes, a doctor who is disorganized or careless increases the risk of patient illness or injury. Be wary of missed calls or accidents prescribing medications, and if these instances occur frequently consider finding a new primary care physician.