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Errors in communication can lead to medical malpractice

Errors in communication can lead to claims of medical malpractice for patients who have suffered an additional injury or illness. These errors can happen between medical providers or between a medical provider and the patient in any medical setting. Medical malpractice can occur in a hospital or a doctor’s office. Let’s explore the errors in communication that often happen in the medical world in today’s post.

There are a variety of ways errors in communication occur in the medical world and they include the following:

  • Failure to provide the patient with enough informed consent
  • Failure to discuss the side effects of medication
  • Failure to read the patient’s medical records
  • Failure to share medical records with another medical provider
  • Failure of a hospital’s electronic record-keeping system
  • Failure to review or share lab results with specialists

Errors in communication can be deadly. For example, if a nurse fails to notify a doctor of your allergies to certain medications, you could wind up being prescribed the wrong medication. Another fatal example could be a doctor failing to inform a nurse that he or she is to monitor you for a specified period and you suffer a medical emergency.

Errors in communication also occur when patients are being transferred. Whether this involves transferring a patient to a new doctor, a new floor of a hospital or to a new facility; an error in communication can lead to a serious injury, illness or even death.

When an error in communication occurs you could wind up in a worse situation than when you first sought care from a doctor. Document everything that has been discussed about your condition and how you’ve been treated so you can file a medical malpractice claim.

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