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These factors make a Cesaraen-section infection more likely

On Behalf of | Jan 13, 2020 | Pregnancy Related Injuries |

A Cesaraen-section may be a very common surgery, but it is still surgery. It carries certain risks, especially if doctors make mistakes. One risk is infection after the surgery is complete, which can be a serious and potentially fatal complication for a new mother as she recovers.

One thing that doctors need to do is to understand the risk factors that may increase the odds of infection. These include things like:

  • Previous deliveries that also included cesarean procedures
  • A patient who is overweight or obese
  • Surgery that takes far longer than expected
  • A long labor before the surgery begins
  • A patient who has an immunosuppressive disorder, such as HIV
  • A patient who has diabetes
  • Excessive loss of blood during the surgery itself or during the labor and delivery process outside of that surgery
  • The onset of chorioamnionitis, which is an amniotic fluid infection; it can happen during labor
  • A patient who has not visited a doctor nearly enough for prenatal care
  • A patient who has used steroids in a long-term fashion before the C-section
  • A patient who did not get the necessary cautionary antibiotics
  • A patient who experienced poor pre-incision antimicrobial care

A doctor has to take proper care of a patient before, during and after such a serious procedure. If they do not give them effective care in advance, if they overlook some significant risk factors, or if they make other mistakes during the surgery itself, it could lead to infection and the need for serious care and secondary procedures. When this happens, it’s important for patients to know what legal options they have.