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Injuries during pregnancy can have a long-lasting effect

On Behalf of | May 21, 2020 | Pregnancy Related Injuries |

There is probably no time that a woman is more aware of her body than during pregnancy. In modern times, pregnancy has also demanded care by one or more physicians throughout the term. Much of this care is making sure the mother is as healthy as possible, as this often transfers to the child.

This means that injury during pregnancy can affect more than just the mother. Most injuries to fetuses before birth are unintentional and related to common accidents like motor vehicle crashes. But the issues that female bodies undergo while pregnant can also lead to trouble.

“Pregnant women tend to walk differently and have different balance, so they may have some risk of ankle or knee injury in a fall,” said a trauma surgeon who works with pregnant women. “When pregnant women do fall, they try to protect their abdomens, so they may twist in a way that could lead to [an]other injury.”

It is possible that injuries can occur in a doctor’s office, either as a result of an examination or a slip and fall that should be avoided where the dangers of pregnancy are understood. If a physician or other health care provider was negligent in the care of a fetus or mother and it leads to medical issues, they may be liable for financial damages.

Although money can hardly make up for trauma suffered by an innocent life, it can help families recover and ensure the best life possible for their children. An attorney can help explore this option if families feel like it is necessary.