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Some injuries may stem from health complications during delivery

On Behalf of | Nov 19, 2021 | Pregnancy Related Injuries |

While preparing to welcome a child into the world, families in North Carolina and elsewhere may wish to take every possible measure to protect the well-being of the newest addition of their family. One such measure could involve seeking insight on any possible health complications that could arise prior to and during delivery. While a person might rely on doctors to provide sufficient information on any risks and to be capable and prepared to provide sufficient care should health concerns arise during pregnancy or delivery, if this does not occur, the health of the mother and the child may be placed at significant risk.

Possible complications

Experts indicate that there are various types of health concerns that could arise during pregnancy and delivery. Preeclampsia and eclampsia are two common examples of such issues, and a swift diagnosis of these conditions could play an integral role in mitigating dire health ramifications. Studies also indicate that gestational diabetes is another common form of complication that could arise during pregnancy and that such a condition could also increase the risks of additional complications.

Another type of complication could pertain to the risks of infection and the presence of infections during pregnancy or delivery could carry various health concerns. Experts also assert that the risk of infection could remain a concern even after delivery, especially following a Cesarean delivery. Although similar health concerns may lead to little harm if identified and treated, should doctors fail to properly monitor the condition of the mother and her child, the results could prove catastrophic.

The presence of negligence

The presence of medical negligence during pregnancy or delivery could increase the risks that both the mother and newborn child may suffer severe or even permanent harm. Severe injuries stemming from pregnancy or childbirth could create a variety of hardships in life and leave a family with questions about their available legal avenues. Those who experience a similar circumstance could consider speaking with an attorney in North Carolina for guidance on their options and assistance in preparing to seek the full amount of restitution entitled through a medical malpractice claim.