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Delay in treatment leads to loss of limbs

On Behalf of | Jun 1, 2022 | Medical Malpractice |

Some types of medical conditions can spread rapidly through one’s body. Diagnosing and treating similar concerns could prove integral to protecting the well-being of a patient. Delays in treatment may only act to allow the condition to deteriorate, and individuals in North Carolina who suffer harm due to such negligence may be left facing various challenges in life. A woman in another state has recently filed a medical malpractice claim after delays in treating an infection caused her to lose all four limbs.

The lawsuit

According to reports, the incident began when the woman was admitted to the hospital while preparing to undergo a routine procedure for diverticulitis. Reports indicate that, while at the facility, the woman contracted a sepsis infection. Despite the severity of such a condition, she says that the medical team ignored the signs and took no action to treat her for sepsis.

The lawsuit states that the woman suffered from oxygen deprivation and fluctuating blood pressure following the surgery. She continued to struggle with similar issues for several months and did not receive any further treatment, despite complaining of issues that indicated the possible presence of a sepsis infection. She was eventually forced to undergo surgery to amputate all four of her limbs, and she has filed a lawsuit against the facility, accusing it of negligence.

Permanent harm

Suffering permanent harm due to the presence of medical malpractice can be a harrowing experience. The fallout of such negligence could leave a person facing dire repercussions and a diminished quality of life. Individuals who suffer such harm may wish to exercise their rights to seek accountability through the civil justice system, and they could choose to retain the services of an attorney in North Carolina for assistance in preparing for the subsequent process.