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The dangers of errors in medical laboratories

On Behalf of | Aug 7, 2022 | Medical Malpractice |

Individuals who visit a medical facility for treatment might feel that the process of waiting for the results of medical tests can be a daunting endeavor. However, the stress of the wait might not be the only issue at hand, and while patients in North Carolina may rely on these results to be accurate, this might not always be the case. There are a variety of factors that might skew the results of laboratory testing and while errors in this field may often be preventable, similar types of medical negligence continue to affect the lives of many patients. 

Medical lab errors 

According to studies, there are several types of errors that could occur in virtually any type of laboratory setting. One of the most common examples may involve environmental errors, which may occur when changes in a lab environment affect the results of a test. Errors may also occur should lab technicians fail to perform tests in accordance with proper testing procedures and studies indicate that such errors are typically preventable. 

If the machines used to perform lab tests are not properly calibrated or should a machine malfunction, the results of a test may also be inaccurate. Studies also indicate that one of the most common causes of similar issues may pertain to human error. This could result from inadequate training or issues such as fatigue, or it may even take place due to careless behavior. 

The possible impact 

Laboratory errors can have a devastating impact on the treatment process and those who suffer severe harm due to similar types of medical negligence may be left in search of answers. Such errors may lead to an improper path of care that could do little to treat one’s condition or cause a person to go without much-needed medical care altogether. Individuals in North Carolina who suffer severe or permanent harm under similar scenarios could find it helpful to consult with an experienced attorney for advice on their options and assistance in preparing to pursue the full amount of compensation entitled through a medical malpractice claim.