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Surgical error leaves 1 with permanent injuries

On Behalf of | Jun 6, 2023 | Firm News |

Some types of medical procedures might not be intended to repair damage or injuries but may instead be preventative measures. While undergoing a procedure to help identify and prevent health concerns may seem beneficial in various ways, what happens if errors during the operation leave a patient in North Carolina with long-term or permanent injuries? A woman in another state was awarded a judgment of $2.6 million during a medical malpractice claim after errors during an operation left her with permanent leg injuries.  

Surgical errors 

According to reports, the woman visited the facility after being scheduled to undergo a procedure called cardiac catheterization. This procedure is intended to detect any potential heart issues by inserting a catheter within a blood vessel. The lawsuit states that the doctor who performed the operation left an object inside her femoral artery.  

The woman reportedly visited an emergency room several days later after continuing to experience intense pain. Doctors initiated another operation, which led to the discovery of the foreign object. The lawsuit states that the object had migrated from the femoral artery to another artery, causing a blood clot to form in the process. The lawsuit states that the outcome of the first procedure left her with permanent loss of sensation and control of her leg and caused her leg to become disfigured.  

Medical negligence 

Surgical errors can occur under a variety of scenarios and the outcome of such negligence could take a devastating toll on a person’s health and life. Encountering such a situation can be harrowing in nature and the fallout thereof could leave a person in search of advice on his or her available options for legal recourse. Individuals who suffer such harm might consider speaking with an attorney for assistance in preparing to protect their future interests by pursuing the restitution deserved through a medical malpractice claim.