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Man sues anesthesiologist for costly surgical error

On Behalf of | May 21, 2012 | Doctor Errors |

For many North Carolina residents, making the decision to undergo a major surgery can be very difficult. In some cases, the nature of the treatment may be difficult to deal with or the associated risks can serve as a deterrent. One man has been forced to deal with the life-altering consequences of a surgical error, but is now taking steps to right the wrong.

The man made the tough decision to treat erectile dysfunction by deciding to undergo penile implant surgery to correct the problem. During the course of the operation the operation site became infected with gangrene. This forced doctors to completely amputate the man’s penis, something that will undoubtedly impact the way he lives everyday life.

According to reports, the man has decided to file a medical malpractice suit against his anesthesiologist, which may not seem like the most natural move. In most surgical malpractice cases, the operating doctor is cited for their error or negligence. However, an anesthesiologist is the medical provider responsible for deciding whether or not a patient is fit to undergo surgery.

The man asserts that his doctor should not have allowed the procedure to occur, given his condition. At the time of the procedure, the man was dealing with diabetes and high blood pressure, two pre-existing conditions that should have been sufficient cause for the anesthesiologist to advise against the procedure.

In response to the legal claim, the anesthesiologist’s lawyer called the action “frivolous” and declared the mistake to be a case of “bad luck.” This is a signal that the case will likely be contested.

Reports also indicate that the man already filed a claim against the surgeon who performed the initial erroneous procedure. That case was settled out of court in 2009.

Though the anesthesiologist did not have a direct hand in the costly medical error, he still let the procedure go forward. His negligence and lack of foresight led to a very unfortunate injury. As the case moves forward, the man’s legal representatives will present the necessary evidence to demonstrate that the recommendation to move forward with the procedure was indeed misguided. A successful claim could help the man make the difficult adjustment to life after the flawed surgery.

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