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Mistakes By Surgeons Can Have Serious Consequences

Whenever anyone goes in for an operation, there is always a risk. Being under general anesthesia and having something as invasive as surgery is an ordeal in and of itself. We endure it because we trust our physicians, and we believe it will make us healthy in the long run. Unfortunately, a surgeon’s mistake can take an ordeal and make it far worse than it ever had to be.

At The Melvin Law Firm, North Carolina medical malpractice attorney Bailey Melvin helps many clients who have suffered from surgical errors. When our firm brings a surgery malpractice lawsuit, we fight hard to help those hurt by surgical negligence.

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The Two Basic Types Of Surgery Malpractice

The first type of surgical mistake happens when a foreign object is mistakenly left inside the body. There is one person at every operation, usually a nurse, whose job it is to “count.” They count the gauze, instruments and other objects to ensure that everything that went in came out again. If something goes wrong with the count, the result can be catastrophic. If something is left in the patient, they can suffer terrible infections and even lose limbs.

The second major type of surgical mistake is when a surgeon cuts something that they shouldn’t have. Examples include cut blood vessels, bowels or bladder, which can cause acute and painful infections. If a doctor cuts a blood vessel, the patient could bleed to death, and the doctor might not even be aware of it until it is too late.

Other surgical errors include:

Health care professionals are under a duty of care to their patients, and when that duty is breached, our law firm can help you hold them accountable. A lack of proper care by a surgeon, even a plastic surgeon, can cause severe injury to a patient.

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