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Medication Errors Can Cause Serious Illnesses And Injury

Prescription medication is supposed to heal us. It usually does. However, a medication error can make a bad condition worse. It can even be fatal. At The Melvin Law Firm, our North Carolina medication error attorney has helped many people get fair and just compensation for medication errors made by doctors and pharmacies.

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Common Causes Of Medication Error

The most common type of medicine error involves not the type of medication but the dose. Too little and the medicine is ineffective. Too much and the drug may have side effects and other unanticipated consequences. Prescriptions with poor handwriting cause medication errors when the pharmacist or nurse misreads the doctor’s note and either gives the wrong dose or a completely different medication.

If a patient is taking more than one medication, it is the health care provider’s responsibility to monitor their drug intake. A mix of the wrong medications can be fatal in some cases. If a doctor or nurse is especially careless, they won’t test for or ask about allergies, leading to severe injury or death.

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