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Helping The Victims Of Anesthesia Errors Get The Compensation They Deserve

When anesthesiologists or nurse anesthetists make mistakes, the consequences can be devastating for the patients and their families. If you or a loved one was the victim of an anesthesia error, The Melvin Law Firm can help you.

Our law office’s primary focus is helping victims of medical malpractice recover financial compensation for their injuries. When you have lost your loved one or have suffered a significant injury because of an anesthesia error, we know that financial compensation is never enough. It cannot bring your loved one back or give you back the life you used to live.

Yet, you should not have to suffer financially. Our anesthesia errors lawyer can help relieve your financial burden and hold anesthesiologists, nurses and hospitals accountable for causing your injuries. You can call us now at 800-626-7047 to find out how we can bring a lawsuit on your behalf to recover medical costs, funeral costs, loss of income and money for your pain and suffering.

How Do Anesthesia Accidents Happen?

Few people know that anesthesiologists are rarely in an operating room for an entire surgery. Usually, each anesthesiologist oversees four or five operating rooms at once. A nurse anesthetist puts patients under and watches their oxygen levels, blood pressure and other vital signs during surgery. If nurse anesthetists do not pay attention to what they are doing – or are not supervised properly by the anesthesiologist – serious injuries result.

Traumatic Brain Injuries Caused By Anesthesia Errors

Anesthesia errors – such as failure to monitor oxygen levels during a surgery – often cause brain injuries that can alter a person for the rest of his or her life. When a household’s financial provider cannot work anymore because of a nurse’s or anesthesiologist’s negligence, you may be able to get compensation for lost wages. If your loved one needs 24-hour care, we will work to make it financially possible for you to have an in-home nurse.

Anesthesia Errors And Wrongful Death

When an anesthesia mistake leads to a family member’s tragic death, we will bring a wrongful death claim on your behalf. We know that you are suffering – we see it every day. You have lost someone you love because of a mistake that never should have happened. We can help you recover the value of your relationship with your loved one and other costs that you have paid because of the anesthesia error.

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