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Errors Made By Laboratories And Radiology Techs Can Have Deadly Consequences

Patients who submit to radiological or laboratory testing of any kind usually operate under the assumption that the person reading the results will read and interpret them accurately. It is surprising how frequently patients’ trust is betrayed in this regard. Inaccurate readings lead to missed problems and worsening of patient health.

At The Melvin Law Firm in Greenville, we represent victims of all types of medical malpractice, including lab and radiology errors. Bailey Melvin, our medical negligence lawyer, thoroughly investigates these cases to determine the source of the error. Did the radiologist, a lab technician or someone else at the hospital cause the error?

Examples Of Radiology Errors

Radiologists and doctors in North Carolina interpret test results every day. Sometimes, they look at the results but fail to see the problem. An emergency CT scan may show bleeding on the brain, for example, which then goes unnoticed and leads to further brain damage or possibly death.

Failure to report is another potential problem. Radiologists have a duty to report issues to the patient’s physician as soon as possible. However, the radiologist may instead decide to make a note in the radiology report. This failure to notify may result in a delay in treatment or perhaps no treatment at all, and that in turn leads to severe injury.

We encourage you to contact us if you believe an error was made on your MRI, CT scan, mammogram, ultrasound, X-ray or another test.

Errors In North Carolina Medical Labs

Lab work is a crucial part of many evaluations, treatment programs and surgical procedures. Mistakes in the lab can cost a patient dearly. Our experienced Greenville lawyer handles cases involving:

  • Undiagnosed cancer
  • Inaccurate pathology evaluations
  • Administration of the wrong treatment due to a mix-up of blood or tissue samples
  • Negligent record keeping
  • Tainted samples

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