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Parents take action over son’s death

On Behalf of | Feb 26, 2014 | Brain Injuries |

A mother, who wishes she could have been a better advocate for her son, is sharing her knowledge through her non-profit organization Citizens for Patient Safety with North Carolina residents. She is hosting speaking engagements entitled, “Finding Your Way Through a Safe Healthcare Journey.” The woman and her husband believe that their son’s death 10 years ago was due to doctor negligence.

Her journey began when her 22-year-old son had a seizure and collapsed in Denver, Colorado. The woman and her husband allege that the neurosurgeon assigned to their son’s operation performed an unnecessary surgery that the doctor botched. It was later discovered that the doctor had been sued for malpractice in Georgia.

What followed is claimed to be a series of even more mistakes over a period of three years that resulted in the young man’s death. The parents allege that there were infections, blood clots, multiple surgeries and many months of intensive care. Medical bills were near $5 million by the time the young man died in 2004. The parents have since settled with the neurosurgeon for an undisclosed amount of money.

A brain injury can be devastating to both the patient and his or her family. If it is believed that the doctor or hospital made errors that worsened the patient’s condition or was the cause of death, the family should be made aware that it may be possible to receive compensation for the injuries. In some situations, damages may be recovered for lost wages, unpaid medical bills and rehabilitation. It may also be possible to recover money for punitive damages as well.

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