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Hospital-acquired infections and other problems in hospitals

On Behalf of | Oct 1, 2015 | Doctor Errors |

People who go into the hospital don’t usually expect to leave the hospital in worse shape than what they were when they went in. It is understandable that some people might not feel as well when they leave in some instances, such as if they had major surgery and are suffering from soreness because of the surgery. Still, hospitals are seen as places to get medical care and get healthy.

It might shock some people to learn that around 400,000 people die in the hospital each year for reasons that could have been presented. One of these problems is a hospital-acquired infection. These types of infections are often serious. In some cases, they are resistant to antibiotics. That can pose a serious problem to the patient’s health since this makes them difficult to treat. In some cases, a hospital-acquired infection can lead to the patient’s death.

We know that dealing with issues while you are a patient in the hospital can be difficult and lead to undue stress. You have enough going on worrying about your health that you shouldn’t have to worry about the medical staff doing their jobs properly. We can help you sort out what happened if you were injured in the hospital.

Whether you suffered from a hospital-acquired infection, a birth injury, or any other issue that caused you serious harm while you were in the hospital, we can help you to explore your options for seeking compensation. You don’t have to try to navigate through North Carolina’s medical malpractice laws on your own. We can stand by your side throughout the investigation and the remainder of your case.