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Risk factors that can contribute to placenta previa

On Behalf of | Oct 8, 2015 | Firm News |

The condition known as placenta previa is dangerous, as the placenta can block your birth canal before your child is born. This can change depending on when the diagnosis is made; an early diagnosis is often altered as the birth canal naturally clears in time. However, a later diagnosis is more likely to remain the same, and special care may be needed.

There are a few important risk factors that you should be aware of, which have been linked to this condition in the past.

— Having a child when you’re older than 30. It’s three times as likely to happen once you are out of your 20s.

— Multiple pregnancies. This is less common for a first child.

— Having twins, triplets, or any other amount of babies over one.

— Physical abnormalities. Due to the way that the uterus has developed, some women are naturally at greater risk.

— Smoking while pregnant. Placenta previa is certainly not the only issue that can come up if you smoke while you’re pregnant, but it has been linked to it in the past.

It’s very important for doctors to know what to do regarding placenta previa, starting with making a proper diagnosis early enough that the right steps can be taken. After the diagnosis is made, doctors may need to provide advanced hospital care, extra monitoring of the child, and things of this nature. It’s not a condition that can be cured, but the right care can help.

If your doctor made an improper diagnosis or didn’t give you the right care, take a minute to visit our site to learn about your legal rights in North Carolina.