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Dancing doctor’s demeanor comes under scrutiny

On Behalf of | May 25, 2018 | Medical Malpractice |

There is definitely something to be said about people enjoying what they do for a career in Greenville. Enjoying it to the fullest might even require that one attempt to infuse a degree of excitement into his or her daily tasks. While many may view that as being understandable, there may be certain situation where an attitude and atmosphere of professionalism is expected. Some might even argue that a lack of it could compromise one’s work (or at least cause others to question his or her ability to do it affectively).

A doctor in Georgia has recently come under scrutiny for some of her unorthodox workplace practices (specifically, turning the operating room into an impromptu dance club both before and during procedures). Several YouTube videos posted to her own personal page (which have since been removed) show her dancing and singing along the nursing staff as patients lay on the operating room table. In several clips, the patients (who appear to already be sedated in the videos) become props in her performance routines, with one video even showing her making surgical cuts in rhythm with the music playing in the background.

Since gaining this notoriety, news has surfaced that this same doctor has been the subject of several medical malpractice lawsuits (though it was not reported whether her OR antics were mentioned in the litigation). Still, patients should have the basic expectation that their doctors’ attentions are focused solely on their procedures (and not whatever Top 40 tune is playing in the background). Those who experience complications following treatment and then later discover that specific expectation had not been met may view that perceived failure as the cause of their problems. In such a case, one might indeed want to work with an attorney to seek compensation.