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How can I recover from a traumatic birth?

On Behalf of | Sep 14, 2018 | Pregnancy Related Injuries |

Pregnant women in North Carolina look forward to a positive experience when giving birth. However, this isn’t this case for some women, who may have a poor birth due to the treatment afforded, incompetence of the staff, or unanticipated medical issues. offers the following advice if you’ve experienced a traumatic birth and are looking for ways to cope.

Practice self-care

While it’s important you express feelings of shame or anger you have regarding the event, be careful not to internalize these feelings. In many cases, women will put some of the blame for what happened on themselves, which will only delay the healing process. Instead, practice self-care every step of the way to avoid spiraling down further into depression.

Express your feelings in writing

You can also feel free to write you medical staff a letter.  Doing so is a good way to vent some of the frustration you may be feeling about the care you received. It’s not necessary that you send it, however, just that you get your feelings down on paper. If your feelings are too raw, consider contacting a counselor or therapist for professional assistance.

Request a copy of medical records

If you’re concerned that the experience was hampered by the birthing staff, be sure to request a copy of your medical records. Going over your records will give you a good idea of what transpired, as your memory will be hazy if the event was especially traumatic. This will also provide information to your legal team in the event you want to file suit for poor health care.