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Family sues after patient dies following laser surgery

On Behalf of | Mar 4, 2019 | Medical Malpractice |

A common response from healthcare providers in Greenville that becomes the targets of medical malpractice litigation is that the publicity that comes from such cases overlooks the good that they provide for their local communities. Yet typically, those who seek compensation following a surgical error or doctor’s mistake are not trying to besmirch anyone’s reputation; rather, they are simply trying to hold providers accountable for the mistakes that they make. Such accountability may be expected in every other profession; it should be demanded in healthcare given the stakes of each individual patient case.

Sadly, errors in the handling of those cases can often result in death. That is what happened to an elderly Illinois resident after undergoing surgery to remove a pacemaker. The procedure was done using laser surgery, which is typically known for its treatment accuracy. However, in this particular case, the perforated the surrounding heart tissue and blood vessels. leading to the patient’s death and a subsequent medical malpractice lawsuit. The hospital claimed that its delivery of care was appropriate, yet the jury hearing the case ultimately disagreed. It decided to award $2.5 million to the patient’ss family.

When people seek out medical care, they do understanding that such care does not come with a guarantee of satisfaction, nor is it even without its risks. Yet even so, providers are expected to do their utmost in ensuring that every patient outcome is successful, even when delivering on such expectations may be unrealistic. When such effort does not appear to be present in one’s treatment, they and/or their families may be justified in attempting to hold a provider accountable. Those wanting to do so may find an attorney to be an excellent source of advice and assistance.