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Birth injuries may be caused by various issues in the hospital

On Behalf of | Jan 3, 2020 | Birth Injuries |

Any parent can answer a question about what they wanted most for their child between conception and birth. All parents want a healthy and happy child who is easily pleased. Everything else is simply a bonus. But sometimes, tragically, parents do not get that wish.

The problems that can affect a child’s first few moments of life outside the womb can occasionally be the result of medical professionals making a mistake. These are rare situations, but the children and parents affected by them can pay for it with their entire lives.

A birth delayed by a long labor may put undue pressure on a baby’s brain, which can lead to cerebral palsy and a number of other conditions that may last for a few minutes or the span of a person’s life. The pressure on a young head can be relieved by some medical procedures, and failure to use them may be medical malpractice.

Oxygen deprivation is one of the best known and most common causes of neurological problems and limitations that may last the length of a child’s life. This may be due to doctors’ lack of awareness during the birth process or directly afterward.

A few injuries that can have longer effects are caused by blunt force trauma, either because of a mother’s physical structures or an accident outside the womb. Hospital staff may be responsible for these issues.

Money can never make up for these issues, but they can provide some relief when parents need to seek extra care for their infants. An attorney can help look into this possibility at a difficult time.