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What do parents need to know about birth injuries?

On Behalf of | Feb 13, 2020 | Birth Injuries |

It is hard to imagine a baby’s first few moments of life being marred by an illness or injury. Sometimes, slight issues like bruising or mild jaundice can easily be forgotten as babies recover quickly. But a few injuries can cause serious complications and affect a child’s life for years.

  • What qualifies as a birth injury?

Any sort of trauma or medical problem that is directly caused by the process of birth can be considered a birth injury. However, it is only the most serious of these issues that are considered by physicians, as several small issues can occur and children recover almost immediately.

  • What are the most serious birth injuries?

Swelling or bruising of the baby’s head, especially when delivered through a narrow pelvis or birth canal, is often worth observation to see if there are lasting effects. Internal bleeding of any serious volume is a concern, as is any case of compressed nerves just before or during delivery.

  • What are the potential effects of birth injuries?

Children may exhibit trouble focusing or interacting with people if a serious condition like cerebral palsy or Erb’s palsy is evident. Topical swelling can always cause discomfort for children, who may complain unduly because they are otherwise unable to react to pain.

  • What can parents do if they suspect a serious birth injury?

Medical care is always the first priority, and legal representation can open opportunities for help. Parents may sue a physician or health care institution for financial damages if a birth injury was caused by their negligence or incompetence.