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Complications from steroid injection lead to permanent paralysis

On Behalf of | Dec 20, 2022 | Medical Malpractice |

Patients who visit a medical facility for care may rely on doctors to properly monitor their conditions and address any issues that arise in a timely manner. Delays in responding to health complications may place the well-being of a patient in North Carolina at risk and the fallout of such negligence could lead to severe or life-altering health repercussions. A woman in another state was recently awarded a judgment of just over $10 million in a medical malpractice claim after delays in treating health complications from a steroid injection left her permanently paralyzed below the waist.

Health complications

The incident reportedly began when the woman visited a health care facility for treatment of health complications stemming from a steroid injection. Reports indicate that she was suffering from an epidural hemorrhage and needed emergency medical care. However, while hospital regulations state that similar types of emergencies are to be addressed within the hour, she was forced to wait nearly three hours before receiving treatment.

The lawsuit stated that the lack of communication between hospital staff members created a delay in care that left her with permanent injuries. Reports indicate that the incident left her permanently paralyzed below the waist. During recent legal proceedings, a jury found the facility culpable of negligence and awarded the woman a substantial monetary judgment.

Medical negligence

While those who suffer severe or permanent injuries under similar scenarios may wish to exercise their rights to seek restitution via a medical malpractice claim, preparing for the process can be a stressful task. Fortunately, there are attorneys in North Carolina who can evaluate the situation a person is facing and provide insight into his or her available options and the best course of action to take. An attorney can help a client understand what to expect and guide him or her through every step of the subsequent process.