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What are the possible health effects of anesthesia errors?

On Behalf of | Dec 7, 2023 | Medical Malpractice |

Anesthesia keeps patients unconscious during medical procedures. However, having a surgery with anesthesia carries possible health risks.

For example, medication errors can have severe or even life-threatening consequences.

Adverse reactions

Some patients are sensitive or allergic to anesthesia. They could experience cardiac or breathing issues after administration.

Anesthetic overdose

Incorrect dosage can result in an overdose. Complications can include respiratory depression, hypotension and organ dysfunction. The person should receive emergency medical attention.

Unintended consciousness

Anesthesia awareness is rare but distressing. The patient regains consciousness or awareness during a surgical procedure.

If you have unintended consciousness, you may develop psychological trauma, anxiety and vivid recollections. Precise dosage administration and constant monitoring by healthcare providers can help prevent this issue.

Respiratory complications

Anesthesia errors can cause slow, shallow breathing. You can also have apnea, which means you stop breathing.

As a result, the body does not get enough oxygen. This affects vital organs and can cause potential long-term health issues. The healthcare team must properly adjust drug levels to prevent this issue.

Risks to heart health

Anesthesia errors may cause cardiovascular issues like irregular heart rhythms or hypotension. Physicians must keep this critical system stable during anesthesia administration.

Postoperative complications

Patients who experience anesthesia errors may struggle to recover from surgery. They have an increased risk of complications like infection. These issues may delay healing.

One study found that more than 64% of anesthetists have made a medication error at some point. Understanding the effects of this type of malpractice lets you assert your rights and seek help.