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How To Handle A Birth Injuries Dispute

On Behalf of | Mar 17, 2017 | Birth Injuries |

For any mother, carrying your unborn baby to term is one of the most fulfilling things in the course of your pregnancy. You then pass on the duty of ensuring that your child is delivered safely to your hospital of choice. Depending on how the doctors handle the childbirth process, the implications can be either good or bad. If any factors that aggravate the delivery process arise, the attending healthcare professional should address the issue immediately. Any delays can prove to be detrimental to the mother and the baby. In a situation where these complications were due to a negligent doctor or improper birth techniques, it is imperative to seek legal counsel to assist in defending the rights of the mother and the baby.

The two common birth injuries that can arise during childbirth include:

• Erbs Palsy: This is a birth injury that stems from the baby’s shoulders getting stuck during the delivery process. The doctor needs to carefully pull the baby in this case so that the child maneuvers safely. If the physician happens to pull too much, the brachial plexus nerves get ruptured and the baby ends up losing mobility and use of the arm.

• Cerebral Palsy:During delivery, the mother may be too tired to push and the baby might experience distress. In this case, the OB-GYN should promptly perform a C-section on the mother so that cerebral hypoxia does not occur to the fetus. If this is not done or the doctor fails to notice the distress, the fetus gets oxygen deprivation and is born with Cerebral Palsy.

Most birth injuries are a result of either the doctor’s failure to assess the condition or delayed response to arising complications. While delving into a lawsuit will not undo the conditions that stem from the negligence or medical malpractice, the compensation will be sufficient to assist you to get appropriate care for your child. An experienced attorney should be able to show that the healthcare professional was tasked with a legal responsibility to your baby and he/she contravened this duty and ultimately caused harm to your baby.

In any case you need to get legal counsel for plausible birth injuries disputes, contact an attorney in Greenville, California who will advise you on how to move forward.