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Working with a midwife

On Behalf of | Aug 30, 2018 | Birth Injuries |

While you cannot wait for your baby to arrive, you may also dread the thought of opening the bill that will accompany him or her home from the hospital. To avoid the often high costs of childbirth, many often choose to work with a midwife in Greenville. This might seem like a perfectly viable option, yet are there added risks that may come with such a decision? Having worked with many clients who have utilized this particular method of care, we here at The Melvin Law Firm can attest to the fact that there certainly are pros and cons to doing so.

The first and most obvious advantage to choosing a midwife to deliver your baby is the cost. As midwives do not offer the same level of expertise as a medical doctor, their services are much more affordable (which can be beneficial if cost is a major concern). They also tend to practice a more holistic form of care that focuses on the total well-being of the mother during antepartum care and delivery.

At the same time, this care focus may actually contribute to the risk of your baby suffering distress or an injury during delivery. Many widwives often tend to avoid precautionary practices such as continuous fetal monitoring during delivery. You should also remember that none of the 12,000 midwives that estimates are currently practicing in the U.S. have the comprehensive medical training to adequately deal with pregnancy related issues such as:

  • Multiple births
  • Breech babies
  • Patients who have previously experienced C-Sections, pre-term births or stillbirths

Thus, if you do experience complications that put your baby at risk, a midwife could be ill-equipped to handle them. More information on potential risk factors related to your pregnancy and delivery can be found here on our site.